DELUXE MASTERING PACKAGE: (recommended service for album releases)

Includes: Individual attention to EQ and compression settings and detailed mastering EQs for each song, including simulating the stylistic mastering treatments of a provided reference CD (if requested), "tops and tails" (cleaning up the fades before and after each song).


$99 — up to 4:00 program length
$159 — 4:01 - 8:01 program length
$199 — 8:01-12:00 program length
$249 — 12:01-18:00 program length
$289 — 18:01-25:00 program length
$319 — 25:01-35:00 program length
$349 — 35:01-45:00 program length
$399 — 45:01-55:00 program length
$449 — 55:01-67:00 program length
$479 — 67:01-78:00 program length




We also offer a FINALIZATION PACKAGE for putting finishing touches on a live recording or demo or lo-fi or field recording. (This service is not recommended for "multiple source" recordings or albums to be released. Any edits required after your master is completed will be billed hourly)




one finalization/compression setting and a basic EQ setup, and cleaning up the fades before and after each song if necessary. Cost includes the creation of your CD-R Pre-master only.


$229 — 12:01 - 20:00 program length
$259 — 20:01 - 30:00 program length
$299 — 30:01 - 45:00 program length
$329 — 45:01 - 55:00 program length
$349 — 55:01 - 67:00 program length
$369 — 67:01 - 78:00 program length


Turn Times:

Normal time to complete our mastering packages is 3-5 business days, but turn times may vary depending on workload and peak seasons. Ask us to notify you of our current turn time for mastering at the time we receive your order. Rush mastering services are normally available for a premium charge. All prices are based on your master arriving in sequence, without edits required. Please inform us of any requested changes to spacing at the time you provide your master to avoid additional charges.

Upload of a DDP master (for CD duplication or replication) and reference WAV files for approval is included. Alternately, we can output a CD-R Master, including UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail shipping with any of the above packages. If you need faster service, please add:       
$15 — For FedEx 2-Day service
$23 — For FedEx std overnight     
$30 — For FedEx Priority Overnight     
(shipping prices for continental U.S. customers only. Upgrade charges will apply for shipping to other countries)

$80/hr — ADD-ON CHARGES:

Refer to these per hour add-on costs if any of the following are needed. Your customer service representative will advise you of the exact add-on cost which will be required after we have reviewed your master:

• if songs come from different studios or different sessions, sound dramatically different, such as compilation projects, and require mastering to make them.
• if you need special attention to sonic problems existing in specific songs, if "corrective" processing to fix inherent problems with certain songs is required, etc.  
• if you need us to resequence your master, edit segments together, or assemble your master from multiple sources.
• mastering to multiple formats (e.g. hi-res 24 bit master for vinyl and 16 bit master for CD), add $25.
• re-mastering specific songs and re-cutting a new master (minimum charge: 30 minutes).